Sommet de Cremon


Alt. names  
Municipality Provence (France)
Height [m] 1760
Primary factor [m] 113
Fixed point 1647 metres at 32 T 307897 4861068 - located to the south-east, in the saddle between Sommet de Cremon and Sommet de la Bernarde.
Secondary factor [km] 3.4
Approx. point 32 T 308553 4861251 - located to the east, on the south-west slopes of Sommet de la Gourre.
Location Sommet de Cremon location




  UTM: 32 T 305225 4862065
    Lat/Lon: N4353'09.5" E634'31.0"

Sommet de Cremon is a long ridge located east of Lac de Castillon, and offers an easy ridge walk and fine views of Provence mountains.

Main photo Sommet de Cremon  Sommet de Cremon seen from Lac de Castillon.
Routes Sommet de Cremon from Lac de Castillon
Panorama 90 north-east view annotated (07.10.2011)

90 south-east view annotated (07.10.2011)

90 south-west view annotated (07.10.2011)

90 north-west view annotated (07.10.2011)

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