Sprovstinden from Auspholsætra via Sandtinden (ski)
Sandtinden  Sprovstinden


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but some care should be shown with respect to cornices in the saddle between Sandtinden and Sprovstinden, and at the Sprovstinden summit.
Drinking water No access to drinking water during winter.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route.
Parking Room for many cars at trail head.
Start height 305 metres
Vertical metres 1000 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 8.7 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  


From the big petrol station in Sjøholt drive 11.3 km towards Åndalsnes on road E136. Find parking on the right hand side of the road. Alternatively continue another few hundred metres to the Ørskogfjellet ski centre.

From the car ski up one of the ski slopes of the ski centre. There are two main pistes leading up south-east of Sandtinden. It doesn't matter which one you choose, but the right most is probably the best. Where the ski lift ends continue east, before turning left (north) and continue to the summit of Sandtinden.

From Sandtinden ski down to the saddle to your east/north-east, making sure you don't get too far left onto the cornices. From the saddle find the best route up to the Sprovstinden summit. At the summit make sure you actually stay on the mountain, and not on the cornices.

For the descent route there are several alternatives, either through the ascent route, or you can ski south when you get back to the saddle and continue down towards Jutevatnet.



08. March 2016

I agreed with Lene that she would work only to 11:00 this Tuesday, and she then picked me up at my house. At Ørskogfjellet we found the ski-centre open, for Gjermundnes school, and we were happy that we could drive up to the top of the car park. But 10 metres into our hike a woman came running and asked us about are plans, and together we concluded we wouldn't be down before they would close the gate at 14:00, and hence had to move the car to outside the gate. Fair enough, or we could wait until they opened the gate for the evening skiing ...

The whole hike was very pleasant, and just like the last time I did this hike (in 2008) we skied across Sandtinden both during ascent and descent, after a nice stop at Sprovstinden. Then back to Brattvåg and the Sport-1 shop in order for me to get my binding adjusted a little tighter before my next hike.

Photos 08.03.2016


20. April 2008

I agreed on Saturday night to meet Torill at Ørskogfjellet trail head around 08:30 for this Sunday hike. She told me that Inka would also be joining us. We set out from the cars at 08:45. The temperature was 0°C, but already the sun was starting to warm the air, and it was not a touch of wind.

We skied up the slopes at the Ørskogfjellet ski centre at a fine pace, and then headed for the final 400- vertical metres to Sandtinden. At the Sandtinden summit we paused for some photos and something to drink. It had been easy skiing up to this point on the hard crust (but no ice), but 760 vertical metres still takes its toll.

We then continued down to the saddle between Sandtinden and Sprovstinden. Down here I was able to glide pretty well, and seeing Inka and Torill hardly making any speed made me conclude that the new skins I bought a few months back were worth their money (and they do stick well when going up-hill!).

Then the final couple of hundred vertical metres up to Sprovstinden summit. Mid-way up this hill Inka decided to "go for it" and rushed up to the summit, so when Torill and I arrived she was already settled with her sandwiches and hot tea! We spent approximately 20 minutes at the summit, consuming our lunches, taking of the skins, and of course filling the memory cards of the cameras. Even up here there was zero wind, and I think we could easily have spent a few hours admiring the view and the enjoying the sun if it wasn't for the prospect of the enjoyable skiing back down.

During the first 50-100 metres of the descent we broke through the crust in a few places, but apart from that the conditions were superb. When we got back to the saddle we considered short cutting around Sandtinden on the south side, but quickly dismissed this option. We also considered skiing down to Jutevatnet, but we all wanted the long descent from Sandtinden so we decided to climb back up in order the get the longest possible continuous descent. After all, 55 metres of vertical skiing without skins isn't a big deal if the snow conditions are favourable.

From the top of Sandtinden it was just a question of selecting the route you wanted. I decided to do a small de-tour out onto the small peaks south of Sandtinden before heading back to the ski centre slopes, while Inka and Torill went for a more direct route.

We arrive back at the cars just after 12 o'clock, meeting a couple heading up to Sprovstinden.

Photos 20.04.2008